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B.Eng. (Hons.) Manufacturing Engineering



This bachelor's program prepares student for a career in the field of manufacturing engineering. On top of the basic fundamental engineering courses needed to become a marketable engineers, the Faculty also provide a wide range of industry-related subjects such as manufacturing process, manufacturing system, production, engineering, machine design and constructive laboratory courses. Students in the programme are exposed to the state-of-the-art engineering tools and software that is normally used in the industry.  

Reference to the course outcome (CO) programme outcome (PO) matrix mapping of our program provided here:  CO-PO Mapping



Welcome to Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Pahang. Our new Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering was founded in 2011 is now operated at Universiti Malaysia Pahang in Pekan Campus. Currently, our faculty runs three programs which are Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering, Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering and a dual degree program which is Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering (UMP-HsKA-Germany).

We believe that our Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering program has a comprehensive curriculum that integrates the necessary elements where all manufacturing engineers should know and apply in the manufacturing industry. The delivary of our manufacturing program is supported with well-equipped machines, software and other equipment within the teaching factory environment to support our research commercialization and also to enhance students hands-on training experience.

Manufacturing is rindeed a broad area, and with an emphasis on certain specializations, we believe that this will give added values to our students. By choosing a coherent set of elective courses, students have the opportunity to be specialized in mould and die technology or lean production system without compromising their capability to enter other wide range of areas in the field of manufacturing. We strive to ensure that our program provides the engineering skills and knowledge to students in a way that they do not only think theoretically, but more importantly apply the skills into engineering practices.

We present our faculty to the world! We look forward to accompanying you in joining us or otherwise visit us to experience yourself the journey in our faculty.  Hope to see you soon.


Dr Izwan Bin Ismail

B.Eng (KUITHO), M.Edu (KUITHO), PhD (Dublin City)

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