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Client's Charter

Client's Charter

We pledge to provide the following quality services:

  1. Ensuring all students' request regarding academic issues of faculties or centres will be processed within four working days the request was made.
  2. Ensuring assessment and sessions for teaching and learning for students are conducted in accordance with the University Academic Calendar.
  3. Process all faculties or centres complete applications, booking and claims within five working days the application was received.


Coordinate: 3.5391771, 103.4329064


Faculty of Manufacturing & Mechatronic Engineering Technology (FTKPM)
College of Engineering Technology
Universiti Malaysia Pahang
26600 Pekan
Pahang Darul Makmur

Tel: +609 424 5800
Fax: +609 424 5888
Email: fkp@ump.edu.my

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