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Master of Industrial Engineering: Introduction


Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) was established by the Government of Malaysia on February 16, 2002. UMP was set up as a competency based technical university which specialises in the fields of engineering and technology. The campus is also strategically located in the East Coast Industrial Belt of Peninsular Malaysia which hosts a large number of multinational corporations (MNCS) in the chemical, petrochemical, manufacturing, automotive and biotechnology industries. UMP offers a wide range of skills-based tertiary education programmes and practical-based tertiary education in engineering and technology to produce competent engineers. Its application oriented curriculum integrates theory and practise in the concept of a teaching factory, emphasizing experiental and action learning, task oriented and problem solving. As for research, UMP focuses on applied research and industrial projects to enrich the teaching and learning processes as well as to promote the commercialization of research products, thus exposing students to the latest research and development activities in the industries.



Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering was initially established as Department of Manufacturing Engineering in Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering and Technology Management in May 2008 and located in UMP Gambang Campus with only five academic staffs. In September 2011, Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering was officially established and moved to UMP Pekan campus. The objectives of the establishment are to produce competent engineering graduates by providing excellent engineering programmes and to enhance wealth creation through research & development, commercialization, collabration and consultation in the area of engineering design, process, automation and system.

Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering is located at Kuala Pahang, Pekan, surrounded by the lakes and close to South China Sea. The location is in the vicinity of ever growing industrial zone especially automotive industry which acts as a catalyst for research collaboration and academic proliferation. Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering offers engineering academic qualifications for both undergraduate and postgraduates levels. All programmes offered are expected to produce high quality graduates and aimed towards fulfillment of Universiti Malaysia Pahang's vision.



The Master of Industrial Engineering Program is designed as a non-thesis master program (one and half years or three (3) semester program) for professionals in many areas of industry, either in manufacturing or service systems. The students of this program shall fulfill a minimum 40 credit hours consisted of 30 credit hours of coursework’s (compulsory, core, and elective) and an equivalent of 10 credit hours of a Project or Case Study. The program will be able to enhance the knowledge and skill of the practicing as well as the graduating engineers in the understanding and application of suitable methods in the design, development, management and operation of manufacturing and service systems for industries.