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Master of Industrial Engineering: Financial Assistance


A. UMP does provide a limited number of financial assistance for deserving candidates. These assistances may cover living cost only or cover both living expenses and tuition fees. Candidates requiring financial assistance to study in UMP must apply for assistance before commencing their study in UMP. Such candidates should only commence their candidature when their application is successful. Applicants who are not dependent on financial assistance from UMP may commence their study at any time. Applicants must be fully responsible for the financial application of their decision to commence their study.

The financial assistance by UMP are in two forms, namely:

More information can be obtained at UMP Scholarship / Financial Assistance

B. Malaysian candidates can also consider financial assistance from several funding bodies such as UMP Fellowship, MyBrain15, PTPTN, MARA, KWSP and Yayasan Pahang (Pahang Foundation) or other financial institution. More information can be obtained at

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